Ace of Bass

Hello! I am an ethereal being of the web, like in Serial Experiments Lain. Not really. I'm a real person on the other side of the network, and in real life I'm a mid-twenties grad student studying computational neuroscience. Outside of work though, I'm interested in a lot of things!

Whenever I can spare my hands I'm usually working on some knitting/ crochet/embroidery project. You can find detailes about what I'm working on and what I want to do next in my Projects page. I'll also link to patterns there whenever possible.

My other two favorite things are books and music. You can find music I like under Music and books I like or have read recently under Books. I play bass guitar (along with singing and some keyboards) and I'm working on starting a punk band. The lyrics I've written for my band are under Writing, as are my thoughts on a plethora of other topics.

Finally, feel free to check out my Guestbook and leave a note if you liked this site!

Enjoy looking around!